Initially scheduled for May 23, the Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo Athletics Memorial will announce its final date as soon as the current confinement measures are finished. Due to the extraordinary situation we are facing these weeks and the challenges that await us, the organizers of the Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo Athletics Memorial have made the decision to suspend the third edition until the best possible date can be secured. from collective responsibility and common sense. As soon as possible, the date will be announced in which it will reappear in the old cinder track of the Complutense University of Madrid, with the planned participation of the Leave your mark project by Red Deporte, as it appears in the second article of its bases: Art.2º.- The competition will be held at the South Sports Complex of the Complutense University of Madrid and consists of the following tests: 100 meters "Blanca Miret" 300 meters "Jaime López-Amor" 1,000 meters "Jorge González Amo" Long jump “Luis Felipe Areta” Shot put “José Luis Torres” 3 x 100 m 3 x 300 m 50 meters Sub 14/100 meters Sub 18 In addition, for those enrolled in the children's promotional tests, various sports dynamics will be held with monitors from 10.00 a.m. until his test on the track (11:35 h.) under the motto: “Athletics with Africa” and the collaboration of RED DEPORTE.

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