The Center

The Center

The Center is located on the outskirts of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, near the slums that stain the African landscape, with thousands of children and young people without economic resources and a lot of free time. To development the program, with count with the following spaces:

  • An 11-soccer field (or two 7-soccer fields, one of them adaptable to Rugby).
  • Two basketball
  • Two volleyball
  • Area for athletics
  • Outdoor gym

The Center has a training room, accommodation for volunteers, an office for the management and storage of materials, and a health post. The installations are simple, but robust to withstand the intensive use envisaged.


Is the program limited to the activity of this Center? The answer is no. Rather, it serves as an epicenter from which to expand our programs to Africa. For this we have a very extensive network of local partners throughout the continent, demanding our collaboration.

But without a doubt, this center is the ideal space to carry out daily sports activities and training aimed at youth development. Intended to host the most relevant community sports events, which take place locally and regionally.

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Your collaboration is essential. For the construction of the center and develop the programs.



The project incorporates professionals from health, education, and sport sectors

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