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The Christmas market was the event that the Los Peñascales de Las Rozas school in Madrid used to join Red Deporte project “Leave your Mark”.

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Initially scheduled for May 23, the Miguel de la Quadra-Salcedo Athletics Memorial will announce its final date as soon as the current confinement measures are finished.

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At the moment Zambia is not among the countries that have been highly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, as of today, April 27, there are only 88 confirmed cases and three deaths are regrettable.

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What is “Leave your Mark”?

Leave your Mark, is the central initiative of Red Deporte to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Leave your mark (LYM) has as its main element the construction of a Sports Center in Africa, which aim is to empower African youth.

To do this, we have a plot in Lusaka, Zambia capital city, to provide sport and educational facilities, to implement programs and train volunteers. A space to carry out our programs and expand those advances and best practices in education, health and integration throughout the African continent. We have 20 years of experience working in more than 20 countries.

Leave Your Mark will transform the reality of African youth, creating a future with greater opportunities.

Why Africa?

Africa continues to be the continent with greater needs of investment in resources and human development. In educational matters, most of children complete the primary education cycle with an extremely basic pedagogical level. Less than half complete secondary education, and only a very small part access higher education.

Regarding health, African is by far the one that carries a heavier burden of disease. In Africa, 91% of malaria deaths in the world occur. It is also the region most affected by HIV-AIDS, with 26 million people suffering from this disease. Only 45% of the population knows their status about HIV-AIDS; and only 2 out of 10 young people have precise knowledge on how to prevent it. In Africa there are about 15 million orphans due to HIV-AIDS.


Las actividades educativas para la salud, en un ambiente deportivo.


Educational reinforcement and support in an environment that combines sport and study.


Guidance for training and employment. Strengthening interpersonal skills through sports-based dynamics

Helping 0 boys and girls in more than 20 countries


Your collaboration is essential. For the construction of the center and develop the programs.



The project incorporates professionals from health, education, and sport sectors

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