At the moment Zambia is not among the countries that have been highly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, as of today, April 27, there are only 88 confirmed cases and three deaths are regrettable. On April 10, the measures decreed to stop the spread of the virus were extended for two weeks. The suspension of "non-essential" trips abroad is one of the measures that the Zambian government has taken, along with other sanitary measures such as the closure of spaces such as bars, restaurants, discos or gyms. The population characteristic is that Zambians have a life expectancy of 63.04 years, one of the lowest in the world, and this means that the sector of the world population that is suffering the most from the effect of COVID-19 has little representation in the country. The Leave your mark project is born from the knowledge of this situation and hence it contributes Health as the first column of its structure. Health education for children and youth is essential to increase that life expectancy in the nearest future.

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